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Tom Landry Program

"When I coached the Dallas Cowboys, I looked for "impact players." Those who could alter and change the momentum during the games and those who could lead by example. The impact players often led us to victory. Just like the impact players for the Cowboys, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has made an impact in this nation - male and female athletes of all ages, coaches on all levels, families, corporations, churches and many others known only to God. All have made an impact for Christ."

- Tom Landry

Why Tom Landry?

The Tom Landry Associates is FCA's Major donor program named in honor of Coach Tom Landry to commemorate his legacy of impact not just in football, but also for the Kingdom, and as a very special friend, leader and benefactor to FCA

 What is the Tom Landry Program?

The Tom Landry Associates program recognizes major donors who are leaving a legacy of impact for generations to come through generously investing in FCA's vision "to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes." This program specifically honors donors at giving levels beginning at $10,000 anually.

Landry Levels

$10k - Teammate   |   $25k - Captain   |   $100k - Champion

Do you want to know more?

Contact the County Director to find out how your Landry Level giving can impact the FCA minstry in Orange County.

Adam Goodman | 714.727.5130 |