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Sierra Crook - FCA Volleyball

Sierra grew up in Spokane, Washington, but her family moved to Chicago when she was a sophomore at Adelphi University in New York where she played collegiate volleyball. It was in Chicago, where her two younger sisters were playing club volleyball at the time, that she felt God nudging her to join Him in what He was doing in the volleyball world.

During a tournament where her younger sister had gotten torn into by a coach after a loss, Sierra found herself having a really honest conversation with God about where He was in her sport. She was disillusioned with how the culture communicated to coaches and athletes alike that they were only as valuable as how well they could play on that particular day. She asked God if He cared at all about this sport if this is what it communicated to His children. It was then that she sensed Him say to her that He was even more upset by the brokenness than she was and was asking her to join Him in shifting culture in and through the volleyball world.

That summer Sierra was a part of the FCA Volleyball 2016 internship class where she was let in on what it looks like to have an intimate, personal relationship with God. She also learned that the most authentic discipleship and leadership simply looked like pursuing God and inviting others in close enough to see it.

Sierra believes athletes and coaches have the ideal platform to join God in what He’s doing where they’re at. She has a heart to see the coaches and athletes in the volleyball world know what it is to restore relationship with God and be developed into missional leaders on their teams and campuses.

 Sierra graduated from Adelphi in 2017 and moved to Huntington Beach in January 2018 to join staff with FCA Volleyball. She lives with a stud community there on mission in the volleyball world and enjoys hiking, learning how to become a local, reading, movie watching, and Facetiming her stud family now residing in New York in her spare time.