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Nolan Rogers - Huntington Beach Area Rep

Nolan was born in Brea, California into a Christian home where his parents raised both him and his brother, Calvin to follow Jesus. Being as both his parents were also successful coaches, Nolan began his competitive journey at an early age and began pursuing his passion of swimming when he was 6. This pursuit would lead his family to move to Huntington Beach his senior year of High School, where after graduating he would attend Golden West College for a year part time until transitioning to join the team at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City from 2013-2017. By his career’s end, Nolan had qualified in multiple PAC12 Conference finals and had the privilege to serve as team captain his senior year.

Additionally, while in Salt Lake, Nolan began leading the FCA huddle that had started only a year before his arrival. In the 4 subsequent years, God worked in amazing ways, using FCA to change the culture both at the University of Utah and the state of Utah itself. Nolan led huddles on a frequent basis as well as a weekly off-campus bible study for athletes within the area. He also had the opportunity to train both High School and College leaders who were starting FCA huddles of their own, including students at Utah State, Weber State and even BYU.

Nolan graduated in 2017 with his degree in communications as well as religious studies and immediately began pursuing his passion of outreach ministry and athletics through the vessel of FCA. As a competitor, he learned to make his work his worship, pursuing the Lord through his sport, not in spite of it, and he aims to bring that same hope to coaches and athletes throughout the Huntington Beach Area. His favorite verse is Joshua 3:5.

Nolan currently resides in Huntington Beach where he loves to surf, play music and is continues in his walk with Christ.