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Kris Dorn

I grew up on Long Island, NY.  It took me quite a while to realize that God was knocking on the door of my heart.  I was completely humbled by His grace, and began a relationship with Christ before attending college at Taylor University.  I was fortunate enough to be able to play men's volleyball at Taylor.  God used that time to change my life... and put me on a path to working for Him with FCA Volleyball.

God has used volleyball to challenge me, bless me, prepare me, and push me beyond my breaking point. He has provided some amazing relationships, including making my heart ready to meet my wife. He has allowed me to coach student-athletes here & abroad, and always uses me despite my flaws. He has blessed my 20+ collegiate coaching career, and guided me to success on and off the floor. 

I am a broken man that God chooses to redeem. I was lost, not knowing what an authentic man should be. The Holy Spirit grabbed me while I was searching for purpose, and He has never let me go. As a young, growing believer, volleyball played a huge part in my development as a man. God surrounded me with strong mentors, teammates, brothers-in-arms, and challenged me to flourish. I learned how to fail, how to honestly look in the mirror, how to push through obstacles, how to pull a friend/teammate with me, how to gain small successes, and how to lead. I learned how to love and show respect, how to be responsible and develop accountability. These are lessons that I continually need to learn, and the desire of my heart is to walk with others as we are sharpened by the Spirit, and drawn more in line with the Gospel. 

I want to be clear that I am asking for you to partner with me in the adventure that God has already set in motion. This is not my ministry but His. My heart has been moved to line up with the work He has placed before me. FCA Volleyball's vision is to restore relationships with God, self, and others, and to develop leaders to be a part of building the kingdom. I have no doubt he will provide for our needs, as well as the needs of others to reach His goals. Thank you for your support, in both prayer and action