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Evan Jacobsen - South OC Rep

As a local kid from South Orange County, California, I am grateful that God is using FCA to provide an opportunity for me to give back to my home community. My parents instilled into me a life style of giving back wherever I can from an early age and it has been guiding and impacting me ever since.

From my days of climbing mountains all over the world, to my college football years, and my life as a Christian as a whole, giving back has been my focal point. In high school when I was climbing all over the world, my dad and I started Summit7 to help build homes for the local people in the countries in which we climbed. During my four years in college and playing football I was able to be involved in the community through my church and my college, giving back to the fans and families who supported us. As a man of God, I want to give back to God and His creation by being a servant to all. God tells us in Matthew 23:11 that the greatest among us will be your servant and my mission is to live that out and be a living example to God’s glory and for others.

God has used my life to serve others and I plan on continuing on that path for the rest of my life. FCA is just the next step on this journey. In partnering with me to reach the youth in South Orange County for Jesus, you are allowing me to reinvest in the community that was so instrumental investing in me. I thank God for the people who took their precious time for me and want to glorify Him by serving this community that I lovingly call hom